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This could be a new product I’m trying out or my grocery list.

Going Green with Kraft Foods

I’m not a “green” person, but I do like to cut back on wasting things and saving money! I’m absolutely in love with and I found a link from their page about their new promotion for those “Green” lovers. It could just be a gimmick to get me to buy their water bottle, but I need a new one anyway. And it comes with free drink mixes (your choice of Crystal Light, Kool-Aid, or Countrytime Lemonade) and a coupon for a Brita water filter. I’m all for saving money… and the world!


New Pantry Item: Bagel-fuls

Okay, I’m all about making my own stuff from scratch, but Kraft Bagel-fuls are my new obsession today! A lady brought them to work today and let me try one. The Bagel-fuls have a bagel-like outer shell with Kraft’s own Philadelphia cream cheese filling.  She microwaved hers and I stuffed mine into our small toaster (it calls for a wide toaster to put them in). You can even just eat them straight out of the pack too. I highly enjoyed mine toasted! It made the outside slightly crisp and the inside was still cold! When my coworker warmed hers up in the microwave, the cream cheese was also warmed. I didn’t like that, but she did. So there are various ways to eat them.

They come in five varieties of bagels and flavors including Original (plain bagel and cream cheese), Cinnamon (cinnamon bagel with cinnamon and sugar cream cheese), Whole Grain (whole grain bagel with plain cream cheese), Strawberry (plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese), and even Chive (plain bagel with chive cream cheese). I believe the price for a box of 4 cream cheese filled bagels runs for about $3-4. Not bad if you’re on the run a lot, but it’s probably cheaper to fix a bagel and cream cheese yourself.

Food Review: Good Ole H2O

Water is my favorite thing to drink all day! I don’t drink Cokes (that’s what us Southern folks call Soda or Pop) much because of how syrupy and carbonated they are. Water is so fresh and thirst-quenching. I used to be picky about what water I drank, Dasani, Aquafina, Deer Park, Walmart brand, etc. Now, I will drink it from the tap as long as it is cold and doesn’t have a bad mineral tap. Don’t get me wrong, Dasani is still pretty refreshing, but this is how I see it: Water is water!

When I go out to eat anywhere, I always order water. A little squeeze of a lemon wedge (no sugar added) makes it have a little different, refreshing taste, too. Water is usually cheaper at restaurants, and it’s always a healthier choice! We keep bottles of water in the fridge at work, I take them with me when I go to workout, I drink it at home with my meals if I’m not having milk, I order water with my coffee when I’m eating breakfast out somewhere. The possibilities are endless with water!

Make sure you get your recommended 8 glasses of water today!!