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My Favorite Sandwich

And it includes my favorite vegetable… Tomato!! I’m a Southern girl, born and raised! I grew up eating fresh garden tomatoes from my mom’s garden or some other family member’s! And I still do, but now they also come from my friends’ gardens. I’m hoping to plant my own garden next year (we just got a house in February) and tomatoes are a must-plant!

2 slices of bread (the fresher the better!)
Mayonnaise (lite or reg., just not fat free)
1 Large tomato, thickly sliced
salt to taste

If your tomato is large enough to fit your slice of bread, you will just need 1 slice. It’s easier to eat that way too. Spread as much mayonnaise as you desire on BOTH slices of bread (my dad slaps it on thickly). Put your tomato on one slice and salt it lightly. Salt is required (unless you can’t have it, I guess).  Top it with the other slice of bread and enjoy that. My mouth is watering right now, thankyouverymuch!

Goes well with a glass of milk!


Nate’s Favorite Sandwich

I make this sandwich 4 days a week (unless we have leftover pizza) for my wonderful husband. I want to change it up, but he doesn’t. So here’s his favorite sandwich in the world!!

4 slices of thinly sliced chicken lunch meat (Or turkey meat usually. Or any other kind of lunch meat. Chicken is the best though!)
1 slice pepper-jack cheese (or sometimes cheddar cheese)
2 slices of bread
Hidden Valley Ranch (the good stuff!)
hot sauce

Lay out 2 slices of bread, pour on your desired amount of ranch dressing, put your slice of cheese on one side of the bread (sometimes I use 2, so one on each side if that’s the case), squirt some mustard on the cheese as desired, layer on the sliced chicken next, top that off w/ a few drops of hot sauce and top it with the other slice of bread (and cheese).

Nate also always gets some kind of chips. Two Dr. Peppers and two waters. Occasionally I’ll surprise him with a dessert or piece of candy.