Food Review: Good Ole H2O

Water is my favorite thing to drink all day! I don’t drink Cokes (that’s what us Southern folks call Soda or Pop) much because of how syrupy and carbonated they are. Water is so fresh and thirst-quenching. I used to be picky about what water I drank, Dasani, Aquafina, Deer Park, Walmart brand, etc. Now, I will drink it from the tap as long as it is cold and doesn’t have a bad mineral tap. Don’t get me wrong, Dasani is still pretty refreshing, but this is how I see it: Water is water!

When I go out to eat anywhere, I always order water. A little squeeze of a lemon wedge (no sugar added) makes it have a little different, refreshing taste, too. Water is usually cheaper at restaurants, and it’s always a healthier choice! We keep bottles of water in the fridge at work, I take them with me when I go to workout, I drink it at home with my meals if I’m not having milk, I order water with my coffee when I’m eating breakfast out somewhere. The possibilities are endless with water!

Make sure you get your recommended 8 glasses of water today!!


2 responses to “Food Review: Good Ole H2O

  1. Water is awesome.

    I just discovered our gym has a water fountain too! After all this time I was drinking slowly so I wouldn’t run out!

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