New Contributor: Sarah Renegar

One of my favorite things in the world is cooking. I love to cook for people and cook with friends. And even cook for people with friends! Sarah is a long time friend I met my sophomore (her freshman) year of college, but we started hanging out the next summer (2004). I would like to say that her love of food and my love of food is what brought us close! 🙂

Summer of 2005, we decided that we wanted to start our own cookie business. We researched a few cookie recipes and experimented with what we came up with. A couple of them were really big hits with our friends, but one certain recipe left its mark… on my cookie sheets. I have recently swapped over to Pampered Chef Stoneware, but I still have those scarred up cookie sheets. HA! I think of them as a reminder of that summer we spent baking cookies in my small apartment kitchen. What fun!!

We’ve cooked together and for each other for so many different things over the past few years of our friendship. She recommended me to a mutual friend about catering her wedding last November. That was an amazing opportunity! This summer, Sarah is getting married and I have the privilege of being her Maid of Honor. I’m planning a shower for her with one of the other bridesmaids, so I will get to cook for her once again!

Sarah and I have finally graduated college. We have now taken a-liking to write about food and being frugal. She is a contributor to this site and will hopefully publish many wonderful recipes. Enjoy her writings!


One response to “New Contributor: Sarah Renegar

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Kim! 🙂 Love ya!

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