Another Broken Egg Cafe

On Monday, I met a dear friend at Another Broken Egg Café in Jones Valley. It’s a fairly new restaurant to our area, and that was my second time there. They open at 7am and close 2pm/3pm, depending on the day. The host on this particular day said that he did not work there normally. I believe he might have been the owner just helping out before he went to his “normal” job. He sat me by the window where I could see the landscape of beautiful Jones Valley! It did take him quite some time to seat me, but that was okay. They had just opened and I was the first one there.

The waitress came promptly and filled up a glass of water that was already at my seat. I like when restaurants do that because I already know I want water to drink at every restaurant. I did, however, order their “Golden Cup” of coffee! It was really good, but there wasn’t really anything special about it this time. On my first visit there, the coffee was very fresh and bold, but this time it just tasted like something I could get at McDonald’s. My only complaint about the service was that my waitress did not keep my cup full and she did not check on us as often as I would have liked. My coffee cup was completely empty at one point and I had to ASK for more. That happened to me during my first trip there, also. The “Golden” coffee is a little on the expensive side, especially if they’re not going to keep it refilled.

The restaurant was pleasantly decorated and adequately set up. The atmosphere was very comfortable and non-threatening. They have a bar, but it looked like they only served specialty drinks, mainly liquors that go well with coffee. Their menu is full of so many breakfast choices! Mostly eggs or omelets. I don’t like scrambled eggs or omelets, but I do like my eggs fried. But I decided to go with something that didn’t have eggs, but the Potato Sensation caught my eye with my choice of 3 add-ins for $7.99 and each additional add-in is $.99. It came with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and sausage mixed in with the potatoes and smothered in Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses! Oh, it was really good! My friend tried their Blackberry Grits with their very own “blackberry creation” added into Southern-style grits. The creation just looked like whole blackberries that had been cooked with some sugar or syrup. I tried their grits but I wasn’t impressed. Maybe if it was made how I eat my grits, then adding the “creation” to it. Overall, the meals are all decently priced, but I could get it cheaper elsewhere. I don’t like to pay too much money out for my breakfast, and the average breakfast was about $9.

Overall, I would give this restaurant 3.5/5 stars because of the time they open (should be earlier than 7 since they close right after lunch) and because my coffee was not refilled in a timely fashion. You should try this restaurant out for yourself and let me know your thoughts! 🙂


2 responses to “Another Broken Egg Cafe

  1. Next time I’m in Jones Valley I’m gonna check this out, just cause I love the name.

  2. Nice job Kim! I had been thinking about giving this place a shot, maybe I will when im feeling particularly wealthy 🙂

    I look forward to more local food reviews…

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