Vegetable Cheese Soup

Vegetable Cheese Soup

Last night, I made this soup from my Kraft Foods magazine. I picked it out because it has 3 ingredients, it looked easy to make, and my boyfriend hates vegetables, so I thought this would mask the taste under the cheese (he LOVES cheese, too).

1 16 oz. pkg frozen broccoli, cauliflower, carrot blend
2 14 oz. cans fat free, reduced-sodium chicken broth
12 oz. Velveeta cheese product, cut up (use 2% to reduce fat and calories)

Pour chicken broth and vegetables in a large sauce pan, cover, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer 10 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Mash vegetables with a potato masher to desired consistency, or you may use a hand mixer (that’s what I did, but the carrots were pesky!). Stir in Velveeta and cook 5 minutes until the cheese is melted and soup is heated thoroughly, stirring frequently (you don’t want it to scorch). Makes 6 1-cup servings.

I ate it with saltine crackers, but I think it would have gone well with cornbread. You may even want to top it shredded cheese. I also added a pinch of garlic salt because I’m a big fan of that.

For the original recipe, go to and type in “Velvety Vegetable Cheese Soup”. (The link that was originally posted did not work.)


4 responses to “Vegetable Cheese Soup

  1. It may mask the taste, but I still know the veggies are there… I don’t think I will like it, because I just hate them… Now, you replace the veggies with, say, chicken… mmm mmm…

  2. looks yummy! this soup seems like it would be a good base for experimenting…. you could add chicken, other veggies, and different spices to switch it up a bit. yum yum!

  3. Hey Kimmer!
    Keep it comin’ this is great.
    Love you sista!

  4. Mal--KiminthekitchensSIS

    Hey I just ate that soup and it was GREAT! thanks for the recipe!!! Everyone should try it!!!!

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